Head Womens JV Lacrosse Coach

Northwood High School Coaching Expectations
1. Follows and maintains knowledge of all Chatham County policy(ies) and procedures.
2. Instructs and demonstrates skill sets and techniques necessary for individual and team achievement in basketball.
3. Plans and sets-up activities, practices and games.
4. Insures a certified coach is present at all basketball practices and games.
5. Develops appropriate training programs and practice schedules.
6. Ensures that proper cleaning, storage, and maintenance of all athletic equipment and uniforms and updated inventories are adhered to.
7. Arranges transportation for athletic participants.
8. Promotes student athletes to college coaches.
9. Drives student athletes on the team bus both to and from games.
10. Adheres to all financial policies of the District in regard to the collection and disbursement of money, expenses, and receipts.
11. Makes recommendations regarding the purchase of uniforms, equipment and supplies.
12. Works with the Athletic Director in preparing practice and game schedules.
13. Maintains necessary records and completes required paperwork in a specified time and manner.
14. Ensures that proper form(s) (insurance, attendance, medical) obtained and current.
15. Ensures that all student athletes are eligible, insured, have paid their fees and are in good physical condition from the beginning to the end of the season.
16. Enforces discipline policies and emphasizes sportsmanship and healthy lifestyles. 17. Supervises students in locker rooms at home and away games and ensures appropriate behavior.
18. Checks and secures all office, storage room, outside doors, locker rooms and all lights after last player leaves after games and practices (Head Coach may delegate this responsibility to an Assistant Coach).
19. Ensures that appropriate rules and regulations regarding the conduct and eligibility of athletic activities and athletes are explained and followed.
20. Maintains a safe environment and facilities for student athletes at all times
21. Ensures that medical and safety requirements are adhered to.
22. Completes District injury report for any student injured within 24 hours even if student athlete does not see physician.
23. Reports and secures approval from the Athletic Director of all adults associated with their sport.
24. Submits athlete rosters to the Athletic Director before the first practice, one week before the first game, any changes to student information on the roster, inventories (copy to Office Secretary as well), final season statistics and alphabetical list of award winners immediately following the season (list includes number of awards earned and the class of the athlete.).
25. Consults with Athletic Director regarding any off-season training programs.
26. Assigns duties to all assistant coaches under his/her jurisdiction; including pre-season practice sessions.
27. Interacts thoughtfully and courteously with students, staff, parents, fellow coaches, and officials and resolves conflict in a professional manner.
28. Appropriately maintains and secures confidential records and inquiries.
29. Professionally represents the school and the District in interactions with student, parents, community, staff and the media.
30. Attends or delegates attendance of Assistant Coach to all League Coaches meetings.
31. Maintains appropriate certifications and training hours as required.
32. Attends work regularly and is punctual.

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